Childhood Should Be a Journey, Not a Race
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At The Barn Yard School we recognize the needs of each individual child and work together to provide a safe and loving learning environment at our Massachusetts preschool. We believe that young children learn through their play experiences, intellectual challenges, and social interaction with both peers and teachers at the barnyard school. Children learn as they explore the world around them and exploration provides an avenue for problem solving. As children explore, they develop new questions, and theorize answers.

Our child-centered program at our Walpole near Norwood pre school promotes growth in all areas of development--social, emotional, cognitive and physical. We strive to establish relationships of trust with young children in our program. Trust develops when teachers allow children to anticipate positive experiences in the classroom setting. If children are to develop trust, they need teachers who are sensitive and perceptive caregivers that understand what young children need and offer kind, responsive care. Responsive interactions with caring teachers reassures children not only that they can rely upon the adults who care for them but also that they are valued and important people whose voices will be heard, whose needs will be met and whose ideas will be respected. It is our goal to provide children with the opportunity to develop personalities characterized by self confidence, respect for self and others, and active, inquiring, creative minds. 

The curriculum at The Barn Yard School offers a balance between planned, teacher-initiated activities and supervised free play to allow children to explore areas that interest them, and to contribute their own ideas to the program. Since children master and integrate information through direct personal experiences, free play using a wide variety of materials is an important part of each day.

We promote growth in all areas
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About our Massachusetts Preschool

Our Programs 

The Barn Yard School consists of two groups with a student teacher ratio of 6:1 for PI and 8:1 for PII. School hours are from 9 am - 12:45 pm September - May

For the  2019-20 school year we have combined the PI group with the PII on Tuesdays, Thursdays from 9-12:45

Preschool I
This program is often a child’s first experience with school. Children must be 2.9 years old before entering the program.  Young children are introduced to a classroom schedule and group setting. Basic concepts are taught through songs, stories and projects. Emphasis is on socialization, fostering self confidence and building self help skills.

Preschool II 
This program is for children ages four and over who are ready to further enhance their developmental skills in all areas. Focus is on kindergarten readiness based on intellectual, physical, social and emotional development. It is our belief that learning should be fun and not forced. Children learn pre-reading/writing and pre-math skills through creative thematic units.
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