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Barn Yard School 
of North Walpole : 
98 High Street, Walpole, MA 02081 
Phone: (508) 660-8820 
Charming Country Setting 

The Barn Yard School has been in operation since 1998. Our one room classroom at our barnyard school is situated on a newly renovated horse farm nestled in an idyllic setting. At the Barn Yard School, we understand that the most effective teachers are those who cherish children and take great pleasure in them, thereby providing a warm, loving and happy environment where children can make new friends, grow and have fun. The Barn Yard School is a small school committed to making our center the best choice for your child. At The Barn Yard School your child will experience a first-quality early childhood education curriculum in a small private group setting. Our barn currently house a miniature horse and we are in the process of adopting other farm animals before reopening in September.  We are fortunate to be able to provide your child with the unique opportunities to observe and learn about farm animals.

What the Barn Yard School has to offer children at our Massachusetts preschool
  • A warm, loving, and safe learning environment for children where they will be comfortable and happy while away from home during the day.
  • Opportunities to interact with other children in a setting conductive to the development of wholesome social relationships.
  • A quality early childhood education with a constructivist approach to learning; creating a strong foundation for future academic success. 
  • Development and enhancement of each child’s self-confidence.
  • Appropriate play experiences that contribute to the developmental needs of the children in the program.
  • A respect for nature and living things through observation of farm animals and a curriculum that offers a hands-on approach to natural science.
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Barnyard School

What the Barn Yard School has to offer Parents
  • An early childhood education and child care for parents with time consuming schedules.
  • An opportunity to meet with other parents with similar interests and needs.
  • Formal written evaluations of students.
  • Individual Parent/Teacher conferences to discuss your child’s needs upon request by the parent.

Department of Early Education and Care is the licensing authority for this program.

Department of Early Education and Care
51 Sleeper Street, 4th Floor
Boston, MA 02210

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Our Mini Horse and Donkey.